There is no doubt that building customer loyalty is now a major objective for business organisations. In a highly competitive environment where products and services are increasingly similar and customers have more information and are much more demanding, companies need to generate a strong bond with their customers.
The Travel Club Chair in Customer Loyalty is designed to serve as a catalyst for applied research in the most relevant topics in the field of customer loyalty as well as a platform to integrate knowledge transfer activities to the business community.


The objective of the Travel Club Chair in Customer Loyalty is to be a project of applied research and dissemination of knowledge on customer loyalty as a strategic element of commercial management.
We aim to conduct in-depth research into how different customer loyalty programs are able to modify consumer behaviour and what results these programs bring for companies. The aim is to find an answer to the question: How can we measure and quantify the return on loyalty programs?
To this end, we have set specific objectives which include:

Knowing the state-of-the-art of customer loyalty systems and reviewing the academic literature on the different systems and their effects.

Analysing the different actions which optimise the effect of loyalty and its effect on consumer behaviour.

Developing models which enable us to measure and quantify the effects of customer retention on company results.

Estimating the effect of multi-sponsor customer loyalty programs on the behavioural loyalty of customers through the transactions performed.

Analysing the cross-effect of commercial communications on customer purchases.

We also aim to transfer the results of the research work to the business community through events (working breakfasts, workshops, round tables, seminars etc) which make it possible to share experiences and present research results.

The work will at all times be carried out in collaboration with the sponsor and other possible collaborators who might join the Chair to share results and establish future lines of activity. Articles, papers and white papers will also be drawn up on the subject of study with the aim of disseminating the importance of this specific aspect of business management.