Air Miles España (Partner)

Various Travel Club managers will work closely with the research team so as to set the lines of activity and cooperate in the different events held within the context of the Chair.

Air Miles España is a company whose objective is to contribute towards our partners achieving more customers, who are more loyal and more profitable. It is owned by Aimia, Eroski, IAG (Iberia) and Repsol, and offers three types of solutions:


Herramienta Travel Club: 
Leading customer acquisition and loyalty programme in the Spanish market. It currently boasts 6 million member homes and over 30 associated companies which are leaders in their respective sectors, which gives it over 10,000 points of sale.

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E-Commerce Travel Club:

Platform for profit maximisation of online stores, now used by over 200 e-stores and in continuous growth.


Travel Club Loyalty Services:

Consultancy, development and implementation of commercial strategies aimed at customer acquisition and loyalty (retention and increase in value)