Chair Reports

The many reports of the Chair will be published in this section, as well as support presentations and other reports by third parties relating to the subject of study of the Chair.

The first research results of the Chair will be published in April-May 2014.  If you want to receive notification when they are available, please send an email to <a href=””></a>

“Unity in Diversity: Factors that Drive Success of Multi-Sponsor Loyalty Programs”. Prof. Shameek Sinha.

The study analyzed the behavior of a sample of the 10,000 most active members of a coalition loyalty program in Spain in the year 2015. Objetivo de la Investigación: Improving the strategic management of customers by identifying tactical decision variables across the different information dimensions, such that the firms can optimize the success of the multi-sponsor loyalty program while simultaneously proving incentives to partners for active participation.

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“Loyalty Lens: How Brands Can Use Customer Insight to Inspire True Loyalty”

El estudio realizado por AIMIA, multinacional líder en diseño y desarrollo de programas de fidelización, comprende una muestra de más de 15.000 consumidores en nueve países y en él se analizan las expectativas y los comportamientos de los consumidores respecto a las marcas y a los programas de fidelización, haciendo especial énfasis en el rol de las tecnologías y en el manejo de datos de clientes.

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Final Report 2014

This report includes the results and the conclusions of the research project.

Report Customer Loyalty Chair

Executive Summary

July 21st 2014

This document includes the summary and the preliminary conclusions of the research project.

Customer Loyalty Chair

 Talks Session 18th June 2014

Below you can consult the talks that professors Boehm and Dans showed to the attendees during the session “Las redes sociales como elemento estratégico para la fidelización” [Social networks as an strategic tool for loyalty]

Programas de Fidelización y Social Media

Talks Session 24 April 2014

Below you can consult the talks which were presented during the session:  Apuesta por la fidelización [Commitment to customer loyalty]

CÁTEDRA Resultados preliminares de la inv de la catedra

TNS Eficacia de los planes de fidelización

GAES Convirtiendo a nuestros clientes seniors en fans_v3

EROSKI Factores criticos en fidelizacion de clientes

CONECTA published a study in February on “Comportamiento del consumidor frente a los medios de pago y los programas de fidelización” [Consumer behaviour in response to payment methods and loyalty programmes]

Estudio Conecta

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